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There is a Success Process

Whether you realize it or not there is a success process. You can try to rush the process or short cut the process, but you can not and will not achieve success without going through the Success Process. This process of becoming successful or achieving success in any endeavor is called a process because you must mentally move through the steps required to reach your goal. You might take action and make the required efforts, but until your success mind believes, and processes your success concept you will never reach the point of success you desire.

The Success Process is Inevitable

I am not trying to discourage anyone from working on their goals and dreams, rather I am trying to get you to understand that you need time to process each step mentally before you can move on to the next step. When you remain persistent in the pursuit of your goals without second guessing yourself or wondering if you set an achievable goal will you start to move forward through the success process.

A Success Process Example

A Success Process

A Success Process

To give you an example; let’s say you have been working on a specific goal for a length of time, but you are determined to reach that goal so you continue to forge ahead. You continue to work and push forward despite any obstacles or set backs and then all of a sudden the light bulb in your head comes on and you say “Now I Understand”. Something you read or heard or maybe even something you knew has not registered in you mind until now and then the light bulb comes on. Your mind has suddenly processed and understood your success concept and that understanding moves you a little further through the success concept. You might even say to yourself that “you knew that”, but it didn’t register.

Your Success Process

Your success process may require you to go through a few of these “Ahhh” or “Oh Yeah” revelations or it may require a hundred of these revelations. These experiences are your mind believing and processing another part of your success concept and going through the process of success. They become part of your mindset of success that you need to reach your goals. Most people give up and start to doubt themselves and their abilities during some part of their success processing and fail to reach their goals. If they would stay the course and continue to believe that they can achieve success they would move through the success process and ultimately reach their goals.

This is why so many people that have achieved success talk about persistence. They may not have understood the success process, but they knew that their success was a direct result of them continuing to push themselves forward, regardless of obstacles, set backs and negative thinking. I hope this helps you realize that you must be persistent in your efforts, have a success mindset and keep up the positive thinking. You can do it or be it if you decide to and by continue to move through the success process.

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  • Self doubt and negativity is the greatest enemy of our success. Perhaps if we could see them as part of the success process we will then go on and conquer them. :-)

  • Ross Biglin

    I have to say that for the last few of hours i have been hooked by the amazing articles on this blog. Keep up the wonderful work.

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